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What you get for your money when you hire Amstar Express as your Process Server?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

  1. First determine what type of legal document we need to serve for you. For example, when serving a California documents such as a Summons & Complaint in Los Angeles or Ventura County and other locations in California, We must determine if we are serving and individual, a business or both. The Section Code for proper service varies between from one type of defendant to the other.

  2. Documents to be served are entered into our database by Amstar Express office staff. This step plays a vital role both with our Registered Process Server personnel in Ventura, Los Angeles and any other County in California, and final production of a accurate proof of service later in the process! This requires attention to detail and accuracy.

  3. We scan your documents into our computer systems server.This acts as not only a safeguard for the documents themselves, but should there be a question of what documents were actually served, this serves as a record and allows us to replicate the documents if required. Our computer systems utilize an off-site and encrypted back-up system for additional security. Additionally, this now allows for digital portability which enables our staff to send service documents quickly and accurately to a selected California Process Server.

  4. Your documents then go out for service to an experienced California Process Server in Ventura County, Los Angeles County or elsewhere in the state. In most cases your documents are electronically sent to one of our many experienced California Process Server personnel to begin making attempts and is sent along with specific instructions and/or mission critical details if required.

  5. Assignment monitoring by our experienced Amstar Express Office Personnel. After confirming that one of our selected California Process Servers has possession of your assignment, our internal staff then checks the status of your assignment on a regular basis and updates our records as to quantity of attempts, the outcome of those attempts and any other details that may be of significance. It is important to remember your assignment is in part, a law enforcement activity and is what we term, a “highly fluid” situation that often differs greatly from one assignment to another.Given the nature of the job, it is not practical to give ‘blow by blow’ accounting of the progress of the assignment. Patience is required from our clients as you can be assured, our California Process Server field personnel are doing everything possible to facilitate service. We truly understand these assignments are important and we take our job seriously. We do provide updates as they become available but there is normally no set pattern to these updates and contingent upon a particular set of circumstances. Since service is not always possible on the first attempt, it is important that we track and notate information that may be of significant importance later.

  6. Service Completion. After service is completed by our California Process Server field agent. We then are tasked with obtaining all remaining details regarding actions taking place in the field, which are then entered into our system database. All attempts made are double checked along and the outcome as to produce a properly worded proof of service and if necessary, a declaration of due diligence. A “Declaration of Due Diligence is critically important as well because as if we must serve by ‘substituted’ service, the Code of Civil Procedure dictates that we must provide this declaration in addition to a Proof of Service in order to show the court the steps taken to effect personal service, if personal service was not possible.

  7. The final step is creating a Proof of Service officially documents the efforts made by our Caljfornia Registered Process Server! The ‘Proof of Service’ is our finished product and ultimately what you paid for. This last but very important step must be as accurate as possible as this is what the Court Clerk and Judge will use to determine if service was completed legally! The Proof of Service must contain an original ‘wet’ signature from our Registered California Process Server field agent as they are attesting to the facts contained within Proof of Service as well as the declaration of due diligence if required. The Proof of Service (and declaration of due diligence if required) is then ready to be filed with the appropriate Court venue. Failure to file the proof of service or filing an inaccurate proof of service will lead to costly delays and sometimes even the loss of a case. We offer filing services to you as well.

Our California and Nationwide field staff and office support staff are dedicated professionals who work hard to earn your trust, satisfaction and respect!

Our clients are our most important asset & our greatest responsibility!

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