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About Us

Learn about our history - our license, insurance, and affiliations - and our people! Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley Messenger Courier & Attorney Service by Amstar Express

Our History

The first motorcycle courier and messenger service in the San Fernando Valley!

Founder Douglas Kingsbury at Speed! Amstar Express was established  in 1982 by Douglas Kingsbury at the age of 23.

Donning full race leathers, helmet, boots and gloves, Doug became a motorcycle courier on his 1975 Yamaha RD250,  1969 Harley Davidson and 1975 Ducati motorcycles and quickly earned the respect of Attorneys who needed court filings completed quickly and travel agencies who needed a reliable way to get travel tickets to clients any traffic conditions.

With all of that hands-on experience, Mr. Kingsbury learned the importance of on-time delivery and the critical problems that a missed deadline could create. Then, as now, he knew many of his clients on a first-name basis and to him, they were more than just a name on a delivery slip.

Today, Amstar Express Inc. replaces the old California Motor Couriers name due to Mr. Kingsbury's life-long patriotism and the continued expansion of services offered by Amstar Express. Things have changed in many ways at Amstar Express since 1982.  We are now a full service messenger, courier and attorney support service with many services available 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Amstar Express now delivers almost anything and offers attorney support services nationwide!

We have the experience to handle the delivery needs of virtually any type of business or private party. Our fleet includes trucks and vans for large items or multiple parcels, cars for delivering smaller items up to a few boxes.

Our order taking, dispatching and billing systems are fully computerized and can be customized to fit your needs. All of our drivers and riders are 'employees' of Amstar Express and uniformed, two-way equipped, professionally trained and fully insured.

Mr. KIngsbury has watched Amstar Express grow through the years but has never forgotten the great feeling of a job well done.  

Amstar Express
Registered Process Servers
Amstar Express
Courier Services

It is pride of a job well done coupled with superior business ethics that drives

Amstar Express today!

Our clients are fully protected!

Our Licenses, Insurance, and Affiliations

California State License/Motor

Carrier Permit: CA#129021

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Federal Insurance Company: 7498-47-05

Courier Bonding/Fidelity

Federal Insurance Company: 3538-22-30-WBO

Workers' Compensation

State Compensation Insurance Fund: 9229246-19

Federal Tax I.D. Number: 26-2099055

We are also proud members of:


Better Business Bureau

California Delivery Association

National Association of Professional Process Servers

Texas Process Servers Association


Douglas Alan Kingsbury - Founder

Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley

Douglas Alan Kingsbury:

Senior Officer

About Doug:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Kingsbury is the founder and CEO of AmStar Express Inc. Doug has been personally involved in the transportation industry for over 40 years.


Before founding AmStar Express, he worked as a motorcycle courier in various industries for 5 years, then another 12 years opening after opening AmStar Express before finally settling down to more internal duties.


Naturally, Doug has considerable experience with every conceivable type of delivery and filing situation.. If you have any important issue you can't resolve through our other sources, have suggestions or simply wish to say hello, Doug has always believed in an open-door policy.

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