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Service of Process

Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
California Statewide Process Serving
Our process servers 'don't take no for an answer'!  Our clients expect this this kind of dedication and professionalism, which is why they keep coming back to Amstar Express, time and time again!  Our network of servers can serve process in any county in California with just a phone call!
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Process Serving
Just because the guy you need served, moved to New York! You've got better things to do than try and hunt down a process server you can trust to get the job done. We are well connected with excellent process servers in every state. Let Amstar Express handle your out of state serves with one phone call...
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Process Serving
The world may be a smaller place due to technology, but the difference between the laws in foreign countries and the United States is often very large. Amstar Express is also well connected to servers specializing in the legal nuances of serving documents in other countries.

Can't FIND the person you're trying to serve?  Ask us about our 'Skip Tracing' services!

"Our Clients are our most Important Asset and Greatest Responsibility!"

Rest assured, our experienced network of experts are doing the best job possible!

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