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Messenger Services

Skip Trace and Locating Services

Need assistance locating a person or business you need served?

Amstar Express has experienced "Skip Tracers" available to help get your documents served properly. 

Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Skip Tracing
Amstar Express has privileged access to sources that are unavailable to the general public. These sources are updated frequently and can access much more information than sources available to the general public.
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Postal Search
As California State Registered and Bonded Process Servers, we can go to the United States Post Office and request forwarding addresses on a particular person we're trying to serve legal process.
This service is not available to the general public for security reasons and requires an active case the Process Server is trying to serve.

"Our Clients are our most Important Asset and Greatest Responsibility!"

Rest assured, our experienced network of experts are doing the best job possible!

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