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Messenger Services
Service of Process

Messenger Services

Courier Messenger Services
Same Day Courier
& Messenger
Amstar offers a number of 'Same Day' Messenger, Courier, delivery options to fit any budget in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara Counties and beyond.  Our system of deciding which Messenger/Courier option is best for you is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!  
Courier Messenger Services
Rush Messenger Courier Delivery Service
When your messenger delivery service requirement is not quite as urgent as to require Exclusive Messenger Service but is still a relatively high priority - Calculated by drive time and at least two hours to make your delivery deadline.
Courier Messenger Services
Regular Messenger Courier Delivery Service
When your messenger delivery service requirement requires the delivery the same day but is a relatively low priority - Calculated by drive time and 3+ hours.  Most messenger requests for this service must be ready by 12:00 P.M. to qualify for this service rate.
Courier Messenger Services
What Can We
Court Filings - Legal Documents - Loan Documents - Contracts - Bids - Blueprints - XRays - Automotive Parts - Construction Supplies - Electronics - Airline Tickets - Photographs - Multiple Parcels up to 1000 Lbs. — Just about anything!
Courier Messenger Services
Daily Route
For a fraction of the on-call rate, you can have a regular scheduled pick-up and delivery almost anywhere! Give us a call with all the details for a personalized quote.
Courier Messenger Services
Exclusive Messenger Courier Delivery Services
Direct and Immediate messenger delivery - Calculated by drive time + one hour or less to make your deadline.
Courier Messenger Services
Vehicles Available
Cars, Trucks & Vans — Flexibility, Amstar Express gives you the options you need to get things done with one call. In business, no two days are the same. Whether you need an envelope expedited or have a meeting or court trial that requires 30 boxes of files and 10 exhibits in place when it starts, the professionals at AmStar Express are your business partners. You have enough to worry about! We'll handle it from here!  

Toll Free: 888-778-2711

Fax: 805-777-1115

BBB A+ Rated

Courier Messenger Deliver Services

Service of Process

Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
California Statewide Process Serving
Our process servers 'don't take no for an answer'!  Our clients expect this this kind of dedication and professionalism, which is why they keep coming back to Amstar Express, time and time again!  Our network of servers can serve process in any county in California with just a phone call!
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Process Serving
Just because the guy you need served, moved to New York! You've got better things to do than try and hunt down a process server you can trust to get the job done. We are well connected with excellent process servers in every state. Let Amstar Express handle your out of state serves with one phone call...
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Process Serving
The world may be a smaller place due to technology, but the difference between the laws in foreign countries and the United States is often very large. Amstar Express is also well connected to servers specializing in the legal nuances of serving documents in other countries.

Rest assured, our experienced network of experts are doing the best job possible!

Court & Attorney Services

Court Services & Attorney Services

Amstar Express has been handling court work since 1982.  This includes daily or routine court filings, court research, copy service and other specialized legal services. Now you can save time and money by consolidating and customizing all your delivery and support services with one phone call!

E-Filing.Court Filing
E-Filing - California
AmStar Express, is offering eFiling into the California Court System.  Most California Courts Requiring E-Filing are now available with more on the way as they become available.  You can E-File yourself or take advantage of our "Concierge" E-Filing service.
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Deposition Officer Services
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Document Retrieval  and Copy Services
With one call.we can file, research, retrieve and copy documents at just about any Courthouse, County Recorder, County Archives, Secretary of State and many other Government locations in the continental United States.
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Postal Search
As Process Servers, we can go to the United States Post Office and request forwarding addresses in any.  This service is not available to the general public for security reasons and requires an active case the Process Server is trying to serve.
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Skip Tracing
Amstar Express has privileged access to sources that are unavailable to the general public. These sources are updated frequently and can access much more information than sources available to the general public.
Amstar Express, Courier, Messenger, Proc
 Amstar Express Client Portal
Your On-Line Account Tracking
Information when YOU need it!  With our On-LIne Client Portal you can track virtually everything pertaining to your orders 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week.  From Messenger, Court Services and Service of Process status to a full Accounting suite, you have the tools you need! 
You can even pay On-Line quickly and easily from any account or credit card you choose.  Amstar Express also  offers you E-Billing for your convenience and to help reduce clutter.  We encourage you to sign up today!
This service is included at no additional charge to all our clients! 
Call us at 888-778-2711 or go to our "Service Forms" page and complete an authorization form.
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