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Messenger Services
Amstar Express, Courier, Messenger, Proc
 Amstar Express Client Portal
Your On-Line Account Tracking
Information when YOU need it!  With our On-LIne Client Portal you can track virtually everything pertaining to your orders 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a week. 
From Messenger, Court Services and Service of Process status to a full Accounting suite, you have the tools you need! 
You can even pay On-Line quickly and easily from any account or credit card you choose. 
Amstar Express also  offers you E-Billing for your convenience and to help reduce clutter. 
We encourage you to sign up today!
This service is included at no additional charge to all our clients! 
Call us at 888-778-2711 or go to our "Service Forms" page and complete an authorization form.

"Our Clients are our most Important Asset and Greatest Responsibility!"

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