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Nationwide Court & County Recorder

Retrieval - Copy - Filing - Recording Services

Amstar Express has been handling Court & County Recorder assignments for Law Firms since 1982.  

This includes daily or routine court filings, court research, copy service, recordings  and other specialized legal services.

You can save time, effort and money by consolidating and customizing all your delivery and support services with one phone call!

E-Filing.Court Filing
E-Filing - California
AmStar Express, is offering eFiling into the California Court System.  Most California Courts Requiring E-Filing are now available with more on the way as they become available. 
You can E-File yourself or take advantage of our "Concierge" E-Filing service.
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Local & Nationwide
Court Filing &
County Recorder Services
While many Courts and other Government Agencies are moving to Electronic Document Protocol, there are many agencies that still require physical and/or Original Documents for a variety of reasons.
If you have this requirement for your particular set of circumstance, rest assured our in house and nationwide network of professionals can still handle these assignments "Old School"!
Registered Process Servers and Court Ser
Document Retrieval  and Copy Services
With one call.we can file, research, retrieve and copy documents at just about any Courthouse, County Recorder, County Archives, Secretary of State and many other Government locations in the continental United States.

"Our Clients are our most Important Asset and Greatest Responsibility!"

Rest assured, our experienced network of experts are doing the best job possible!

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