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Amstar Rewards Club "ARC" - Terms, Conditions & Restrictions

Amstar Rewards Club

By participating in the Amstar Rewards Club ("ARC"), all participants agree to the following terms, conditions & restrictions.

We really do not wish to make this difficult but we do have a few rules you need to know, just so we don't have any misunderstandings.

If you have any questions...please call.

Jobs and/or assignments ordered prior to March 31, 2017 do not qualify for points under this program.

Certain assignment/job types such as route jobs and jobs completed as part of a retainer agreement do not qualify for points.

Amstar Express, Inc. reserves the right to add or delete job types that do or do not qualify for points.

Job numbers that have been previously redeemed for points by participants and/or co-workers and/or other household members are deemed fulfilled and are henceforth void.

Amstar Express, Inc. requires that the redemption form be filled out completely and it is the responsibility of the participant to do so.

Amstar Express, Inc. requires a valid email address for communication with participants.

Gifts verified as mailed by Amstar Express, Inc. are considered fulfilled.  Amstar Express, Inc. is not responsible for loss of gifts by recipients,  U.S. Postal Service or any persons at mailing address given to Amstar Express, Inc. for redemption.

Amstar Express, Inc. reserves the right to change point system at any time and the point system in place at the time of redemption will be used.

Amstar Express, Inc. reserves the right to change and/or alter gifts as necessary on occasion.

Amstar Express, Inc. reserves the right to refuse redemption considered to be fraudulent.

Amstar Express, Inc. reserves the right to terminate this program for any reason at its sole discretion.

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