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Service of Process in California...What is the true value of proper service?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

When it comes to providing Service of Process in California, it is not unusual for perspective clients to first ask what our rate for serving documents will be, even before we get the pertinent information about the documents they need served.

While everyone wants to save a few dollars these days, this can be a double edged sword when it comes to serving process in California and other States.

Having been a Professional Process Server in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for many years, I’ve been called in to testify in cases where the defendant has lost the case after a long legal battle and now their legal counsel is trying anything and everything to get the case dismissed for improper service.

Fortunately for our clients, Amstar Legal holds a very high standard with regard to proper service and record keeping and we will not lower our standards of service to our clients by attempting to compete with lower priced economy services.

The extra few dollars our clients paid Amstar in these cases, paid for itself a thousand fold when it counted most…when an attempt to quash a Service of Process we provided was unsuccessful.

Many do not realize that Service of Process is one of the most important aspects in any legal case and can quite literally make or break a case if successfully challenged. Imagine all the time, effort and money that would be lost if one had to start over due to how a legal document was served at the outset of the case.

Here’s the good news! Service, Locate and stakeout fees are recoverable costs (CCP 1033.5(4)(B). So why not get the best possible Registered Process Servers in California working for you. The few extra dollars you invest today could pay HUGE dividends if push comes to shove in your case.

What is NOT recoverable are bad serves conducted by inexperienced or low standard 'bargain' process servers and the significant frustration and financial loss this can create.

We're not the "cheapest", but we are highly experienced and have successfully served well over 20,000 documents! Your case is important...Proper service of your documents should be your primary concern!

Our Clients are Our Most Important Asset and Greatest Responsibility

Registered Process Servers California
Registered Process Servers California

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